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Global Warming

What's going on?
Our Planet Earth is getting hotter slowly but steadily. Polar icecaps, glaciers and icebergs are melting super fast. Species are confused, some are dying. Climate patterns are changing, it's hot where it used to be cold, dry where it was rainy and wet in desert regions. There are more droughts, floods, killer cyclones.

Why is it happening?
Because of excessive carbon-dioxide (CO2), methane and other greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. CO2 is release when fossil fuels (coal, petrol, diesel, wood) and their byproducts (plastic) are brunt. Methane is released when waste decomposes or when cattle digest their food. Greenhouse gases are good as they keep the earth warm, but too much of it is bad, even lethal. Besides, there just aren't enough plant left on our planet to absorb the excess CO2.

What's going to happen?
As the polar ice and glaciers melt, water levels all over the planet will rise. Places near the sea level, like Kolkata, Mumbai, Chennai, London will drown in the rising waters. We will become climate refugees even if we survive the floods. Animals that can only survive in extreme sub-zero or very cold conditions, like the polar bear and emperor penguin will die. Fish species will die as water temperatures rise. Crops will die because of too much or too less rain, so there will be lesser food for us.
As the sea water becomes warmer, cyclones and hurricanes will become more intense.
Rivers will dry up as glaciers, their main source of water, melt and retreat. There'll be a dreadful shortage of drinking water.
The Sunderbans will drown, Amazon forests will become a savannah region Mosquitos will multiply, invading temperate regions, spreading disease ... etc, etc

What can we do about it?
For starters, we can use less CO2 emitting stuff and reduce our carbon footprint. We can do simple things like:
  • Plant as many saplings (pots on window sills) as possible. Look after them. If we spot people cutting down roadside trees, we can alert others, from a group and stop them.
  • Use both sides of paper, ALWAYS. And never buy stationery that we don't need.
  • Switch off all electric equipment when they're not in use. Reduce AC usage.
  • Use less and less plastic / thermocol / disposable products. Use recyclable products.
  • Walk or cycle instead of taking the car if the distance to be covered is less than 2 km.
  • Store rainwater in a bucket of and use it for watering plants.
  • Spread awareness about global warming by discussing it with everybody.

Best Catchline Award was won by Kushal Agarwal, St James School and he received a prize money of Rs. 5,000
15 other brilliant catchlines recieved Rs.1,000 each as award.

Award Winning Schools who participated in the Competition are as follows -
Apeejay School, Don Bosco School Liluah, Loreto Day School, Sealdah, Mahadevi Birla Girls School, St James' School, Sister Nibedita Bagbazar & St. Thomas Boys School.
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