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RAD's Modus Operandi, Work culture & Other Achievements
Nature cradles all the creation of the earth. It has inspired human society to grow and flourishwith all the elements favoring the manifestation of civilization in multiple dimensions. People by virtue of their belonging to nature love care and dedicated to preserve nature in its pristine status RAD (Reflection of Another Day) also avows its core philosophy for the love and care of nature it has set its to take the mission of preservation of nature of make humans aware and conscious.

Main Objectives

  • Bulid an interactive platform for all streams of the artistic endeavor.
  • Create awareness about the depleting flora and fauna of the world in general and India in particular.
  • Help preserve the 'endangered' crafts and heritage sites

Track Records
In those early days, reflection Of Another day (Rad) was an artist-run outfit. It had a verbal manifesto regarding the philosophical content to be kept at the back of the mind in the practice of visual arts.

Partha Pratim Roy, believed to be the founder of this group, advised his friends and followers to consciously blank out mobile living beings from their works. It was just an experimental step, which was far away from being properly implemented. This idea was perhaps hatched in his mind because of his previous work with environmental bodies. However, while Partha himself went about executing the concept with great zeal, the others seemed a bit indifferent to the idea. Patha thinks human beings are primarily responsible for destroying nature.

Partha doesn’t believe the Bengali saying SABAR UPAR MANUSH SATTA existence of human being is the supreme truth. He still believes that the static elements of nature constitute the genesis of life, but accepts that it is difficult to transcribe the idea into art. So the theme gradually faded away or was subsequently glossed over by members.

After the years of struggle, the group went from strength to strength. The presence of two new members, Chandra Bhattacharjee and Sudangsu Bandhapadhya, both artists of international repute, helped in large measures to boost the association. Since then, Rad’s members have tried to create awareness and concern about nature through their creative endeavors. Aranya , an exhibition cum competition, reflecting the idea of nature and environment, is one such effort. Megh Utsov, drawing from and sustaining the ideas of Kalidas and Rabindranath, that expound the entity or essence of nature, is an important event in Kolkata. Planting trees by members has become regular “celebration” in Rad’s calendar.

Rad has never intended to condense their endeavour only into cultivating contemporary visual-art. It is very prominent that there are countless schools of traditional art forms all across the country, and we, members of this organization have heartfelt belief and respect regarding folk and tribal arts of India. It is believed that today we are rapidly moving to the world of non-art. Artists donot have adequate reverence and patronization as once they had. People are more interested to spend a lot of money to buy dull plastic furniture than to collect a small piece of original paintings. In such serious struggling stage, Rad not only has conducted many art workshops and seminars for the betterment of urban artists but has also come forward to promote traditional arts of the country, specially tribal art in particular. People of Kolkata and Hyderabad had never experienced the unique works of Gond and Bhill arts of Madhya Pradesh before Rad arranged the shows over there. We are also bringing up a dance group which has got two productions based von the story line sustaining the ideas of greener globe. This dance group has already been able to spur on the people to be involved more in endeavouring for better nature. Its creative substance has also got an enviable recognition even from the esteemed organization like Kalidas Academy in Ujjain. Irrespective to groups or communities Rad has always shown its inclination to ’liberalism’ and philanthropy in helping the artists in need. In such large space of activities, Rad, undoubtedly, has established itself as a source of inspiration to the sensible persons who really think for a sterile atmosphere on earth, with its ritual to greet people by offering seedlings and to pour water on a seedling to inaugurate their events. Finally, we would like to cordially mention that the advancement of the organization to its present position in the field of art and sociology is attributable highly to the father-like contributions of its patrons, dead or alive, like Shibnarayan Roy, Bijan Choudhury, Sunil Gangopadhaya, Badhan Das, Sandipan Chattapadhaya, Tushar Talukdar, Prakash Karmakar, Pranob Ranjan Ray, Jogen Choudhury, Ganash Pratap Singah and others.

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